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In early May of 2023, my remodel plans quickly shifted to a house hunting project. I took my chances on touring a home with whatever realtor responded via Zillow. Tina Sampson responded immediately, was able to meet that day, and helped me reach the clarity I needed for my long-term needs during a stressful process. Her calm presence and straightforward approach helped me focus on my wants and needs, learn more about what to look for, and make informed decisions. While my parents helped me with this project, she focused on me and learning my needs so that she could help me find a perfect fit efficiently.

It took about 6 weeks to find and close on a home. Part of that was the type of offer we made. I think the largest part was how on top of everything Tina was. She found some excellent options for me, and helped me narrow down what I found. She was thorough and patient talking us through our options once we were decided-even with other offers to work on that evening. She gave us time when we needed it, and also helped us keep moving forward with reminders and context to help us improve the appeal of the offer. She also assisted in referring home improvement service providers. Her knowledge of the area and market are thorough. She will tell you what she knows, within professional discretion of course, and she will tell you if she doesn’t know and do her best to find out.

Tina is professional, forthright, no-nonsense, and kind. I hope I don’t need to move again, but I do hope we are able to stay in touch. I would ask her to help me buy or sell a home again in a heartbeat; in fact, we have just begun the sales process for my previous home.

Thanks Tina!